Friday, 13 February 2015

Key Frames - Rabbit Life

Just a few keyframes from the first scene of my film for you to look at with your eyes. I am enjoying the way its looking, although i am aware of the fact the characters could easily get lost in the backgrounds. I'll have to have a think about that.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Rabbit Life - My Short Film

At the beginning of this academic year i pitched my film idea to 4 industry professionals as well as my lecturers and all 3 years on my course. Nerve racking is an understatement, anyhow my film got the green light and i've been producing it this year. 

The story is simple and concerns a young rabbit that lives a little sheltered life in his hutch, on deciding to escape and explore the big wide world he stumbles upon a secret underground animal street, from here he gets progressively messier as the goes on a wild night out. Here are some of the final turn arounds and Backgrouds ready for the film. 

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Loosen the Joints.

A wee something I doodled in my spare time. By that I mean while I should have been doing something else.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Third Year Film - Ideas.

In Third year we are tasked to pitch an idea for a short film, if its good enough and gets the go ahead then it will go into production in the Third year. I feel like i used a lot of the same words in that sentence but i can't be bothered to re-read it, i'm sorry. 

I've been doing some brain storming and i really want to do something with the brit gangster theme, so i've been looking a lot at animal as human films/series. Here are some moody boards i've put together to give you the gist of what i mean. 

There's going to be boobs, guns and murders.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

DEEP (heheh) - What's it all about, eh?

DEEP is a film in production lead by our course leader Derek Heyes. We've all been assigned different shots to work on, I landed myself on the Yellow submarine inspired scene. The Script is below, when it was given to us there was not storyboarding or anamatic in place what so ever, Eline quickly came up with a round one for us so we could start to visualize it better, after a few sessions with Derek it became refined and we were ready to begin assigning jobs and getting to work.
The Script.
(2D, Yellow Submarine style)
A psychedelic pavement scene is in full swing as a door
opens in the sky and PERSEUS in flared trousers exits. He
takes giant strides as he carries his bag through a twisting
world of grooviness (complete with happy sun face and flying
Around a corner a gang of (our equivalent of) Blue Meanies
hide in an alley waiting to ambush him. The leader counts
off on his fingers and they pounce!
And come to a screaming halt in mid-air as they see that
their victim is not the young man but CAROLINE who is
dressed as a hip lady cop and twirling her truncheon around
her finger. She pokes the truncheon into the nose of the
lead Blue Meanie who is still hanging in the air, sweating.
I believe I told you to blow...
They leave so fast that they rip the film in half.
We've taken a lot of inspiration from The Yellow submarine and a super anamatic has been developed, i'm now working on character design for the blue meanies. (see post below) I hope to take on a good part in the animation as that's what i am really looking forward to in this project. I like smooth 2D work and this one looks to be really colourful and exciting.


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bloody Hell, i've been a slacker! - Yellow Submarine.

So far this year you will notice that I have updated my blog all of zero. I do apologise but I will be getting some posts in order in the next coming weeks.
One of our projects this year is to work on a live brief, Our course leader Derek is currently directing an animated/live action short called Deep, its got something to do with Greek mythology, medusa and torn film strips. The idea is every time there is an imperfections on the film strip a whole other world opens up in the story, or something like that. I've had it explained to me more than once now but I wont lie, I'm a tad confused as I unfortunately missed the first lecture.
Anyhow, the section I have ended up working on is based heavily upon the Yellow Submarine, the film made by la Beatles. It's super wicked awesome fun because its some super solid 2D animation, which I happen to enjoy, accompanied by some bizarre colours and creations. I shall write another post that covers this in a lot more detail but for now here are some character designs that I have been working on for the Blue meanies, if you have seen the animation you will be familiar with the bad guys. We are using a similar design to represent the gangsters in the film.

My outlines.
Coloured, Init.
Within an Environment.
Jazzed up a bit upon feedback.